Young and the Restless Spoilers Devon dumps Abby before he dumps Abby

The relationship between Abby Newman and Chance Chancellor is about to end. Chance had been sliding more and further away from Abby every day. In his mind, his marriage to Abby is already over. Even though he has asked Abby for some time to reflect, he already knows he wants their marriage to end.

So Abby is going to have a difficult time wriggling her way out of this one. She doesn’t want to lose Chance, so she’s negotiating with him to maintain their marriage.

As we all know, Chance and Abby’s gap is growing by the day. And for the time being, he believes Devon is a better match for her than he Is. He cannot become a better husband and parent than Devon and will persuade Abby that Devon is the right person for her.

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Of course, Abby will be taken aback by this, prompting her to cry and beg, but Chance may not want to hear it as he walks away from her. Chance is willing to sacrifice and enable Abby, Devon, and Dominic to become family members in the near future.

In any case, Devon is an excellent fit for Abby in every aspect. He is very close to Dominic and has always been present at the most important moments in Dominic’s life.

As a result, Chance thinks that his only option is to end his turbulent relationship with Abby. He won’t want to be in the way of Abby and Devon, so he’ll get Abby to go with Devon.

On the other hand, Devon appears to be upbeat while discussing his relationship with Abby. He has no regrets about having a steamy moment with Abby, and we can be confident that he is enthusiastic about starting a relationship with her.

However, this appears to be more complex than he had hoped. Abby is crushed and will go to any length to obtain Chance’s forgiveness. Devon and Abby’s relationship may suffer as she pushes Devon away to be closer to Chance.

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Perhaps Chance will reject Abby’s offer and force her to seek a love relationship with Devon instead. Abby will, without a doubt, face some difficulties in the following days. Whatever happens, Abby will be an emotional wreck when she discovers how serious Chance is about ending their relationship. Do you think Abby will be able to preserve her marriage to Chance in the coming days?

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