MAC Partners coordinate with local business and community organization to foster opportunities to serve the military and their families.


MAC is a partnership. A way to leverage community strengths to better connect with our military neighbors through events, education and outreach.


MAC Partners connect with military leaders and families at all levels to enhance the strong relationship with Fort Bragg and Pope Army Air Field.


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We're always looking for ways to better connect the civilian and military communities. Through socials, golf outing, picnics, sporting events, networking opportunities and attending on post events, we bridge the gap and keep our lines of communication open.

MAC Advisory Council meets quarterly at the Chamber office, located in downtown Fayetteville at 159 Maxwell Street. Partners are always welcome to attend and share ideas of how to make MAC more effective.

“For over 50 years”

Why would any business person in Fayetteville-Cumberland County not support this council? MAC has been a strong supporter of our military for well over 50 years!

Pat Ann Matthews


Pat Ann Matthews

Why would any business person in Fayetteville-Cumberland County not support this council? MAC has been a strong supporter of our military for well over 50 years!


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Every day approximately 47,000 military personnel and 10,618 civilian employees in careers ranging from trades and labor to engineers and attorneys provide the services needed to train, sustain, and deploy the combat forces to America's Crisis Response Contingency Corps and Special Operations Forces. In the time of crisis, Fort Bragg serves as the major nexus for massive troop deployment.

Becoming a Partner with the Military Affairs Council is a tremendous opportunity for members to meet personally with leaders from Fort Bragg and Pope Army Airfield, but it also serves as a networking opportunity for our military and their families. MAC continues to participate in other programs throughout the year to provide support and assistance, such as the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Soldier, Family and Command Support Association. MAC assisted in the fundraising for the Wall of Heroes at the United States Army Special Operations Command's Memorial Plaza on Fort Bragg.

You benefit greatly when you become a MAC PARTNER:

  • Year-round events and socials that build better relationships and communications between the Fayetteville community and the service members and their families.
  • Hear the latest happenings at Fort Bragg and Pope Army Airfield at the Chamber's Coffee Club. Fort Bragg and Pope AAF participate alternately.
  • Lobbying community positions with the military by keeping the lines of communication open and recognizing the military's value to our community.
  • Command briefings from Pope AAF and Fort Bragg to enlighten MAC members about the specific mission of each military installation and its impact on the community at-large.
  • Newcomer Information acquainting the military with our community.
  • Marketing to develop programs to inform our military population of the business, recreational, and social benefits of the Fayetteville community.
  • Opportunity for partner recognition in Chamber newsletters.
  • Opportunity for partners to sponsor Events and Programs
  • Business networking opportunities.
  • Invitation for MAC partners to special events at Fort Bragg and Pope AAF.
  • MAC Certificate of Membership and Beautifully Appointed MAC Lapel Pin


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To find out more about joining MAC, contact Christine Michaels, staff liaison at 910-433-6761 or via email at

Please fill out the form below to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.